Customer’s back pain healed

Friday night, the 28th of March, we set out from the church with our list from the Holy Spirit to find those who needed a touch of the Father’s love.  Jill, Jaimie and I were at the Wal-mart on The Strip.  Jaimie had a word about the fabric/craft section and Jill had a word about a rainbow and that being near a place were some workers would be gathered.  So low and behold in the fabric section on the back wall behind the workers station was a rainbow blanket on the wall.  The section was empty how ever, and we were looking for something.  Jaimie noted a piece of cardboard on the work station that said: “If need assistance go to the shoe section.”  The shoe section was right next to the fabrics and such.  We walked over and began talking to the employee who was in the shoe section.  She was a believer and Jill and Jaimie prayed for her two children. As they were praying a man and some of his family came into the aisle.  I asked if he needed prayer for anything and he said yes.  He was a believer as well and had some pain in his stomach.  At this point Lawrence had arrived and we began to pray for the man.  As we were praying…and attracting strange looks…the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about his back and that there was some pain there.  I prayed it out and after the prayer he was greatly encouraged because he did have some back pain, but he didn’t mention it to us.  The back pain was all gone…Thank you Jesus…his stomach was healed as well! A few minutes later I prayed for a woman in the electroincs section who said she also had back pain…since she was in an accident three years ago or so.  She did not have any pain at the time of the prayer but she said it acts up now and again.  She was very encouraged.  Thank you Lord for your amazing healing grace!