Children Pray for Healing – Headaches Leave

While Mike and I were teaching the K-5 Sunday School class, one of the children, Cortez, expressed that their head was hurting at the moment and wanted to leave class. We thought about it and asked if Cortez would first like to pray for Jesus to heal him, and he agreed. W gathered all the kids around and asked if anyone else was feeling sick or had pain. Low and behold, two other boys felt weak in certain areas and also wanted prayer. Joey and Michael joined Cortez in receiving prayer as the rest of the class laid hands on them and repeated what Mike and I prayed out. Joey noticed an immediate change and was delighted that his headache had left. Still no change with the two other boys, so we continued to cover them in prayer. Shortly after, the two boys testified that their pain was gone and we were able to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for His great love!