Child Prays, Back Pain Leaves

This past Friday I injured/strained my back in the evening.  On Saturday the pain and immobility were getting worse as the day went on.  By the end of the day it hurt to walk and even reach over the car seat to help Joshua put his seat belt on.  Joshua (my 4 year old son) wanted me to give him a piggy back ride.  I informed him that my back was hurting and that I couldn’t.  I then asked him if he would pray for my back.  He laid his hand on my back praying; “Jesus help Mommy’s back”.  The pain immediately left.  I reached to touch my toes (which I have difficulty doing normally) and was able to touch the floor.  I still felt some strain in my back and sensed the Lord encouraging me to give Joshua the piggy back ride he had been asking for and that would bring the complete healing. So I gave Joshua a piggy back ride and have not had any pain or strain since!  Thank you Jesus!