Breakthrough for headaches!

On Tuesday night at Fire and Wind I asked the Lord to show me someone he wanted to impact in a specific way.  Jay, a co-worker who had been suffering from a migraine the day before, came to mind immediately.  The next day he and I were at the sink washing up, I asked him about the headache.  It turned out he suffered from these often whenever he would have to adjust to different climates.  He said he believed he would need to have a sinus removed to avoid these headaches.  I  asked if he wanted to try something with me and he agreed.  We prayed and I broke the power off of his sinuses and released power for creative healing.  I asked him to tell me the next morning if there was any progress.

That next morning, when he woke up, the house was a bit warmer and when this happens he usually has heavy congestion.  That morning his sinuses were much clearer and he did not have a headache!  That was a direct answer to prayer encouraging Jay in his pursuit of the truth of Jesus Christ and the power of the Father’s love towards him.