Back Pain Leaves with Worship

Tonight, I developed a horrific pain in my back/side and knew instantly that it was an attack from the enemy because he was stirred up because of Pastor Mary Pat’s awesome, powerful message at church today. As the pain hit me, I began to feel fear over what it could be, but instantly recognized that and began renouncing the fear and the attack from the enemy as I began to pray for the pain to leave. The pain was persisting however, so I began to push harder in the Spirit. Asking the Lord what to do, I felt led to begin declaring that the pain was gone and I was completely healed even though there was no physical manifestation of that yet. The pain still remained, however, so I asked Holy Spirit if there was something else He wanted me to do, and He brought to mind a testimony in church today about how worship brought release for back pain.

I began to worship the Lord and dance even though I was in horrible pain.  The pain left as I was worshiping! I was so fired up after this that I ran upstairs to lay hands on my roommate Jill’s door, because she was already asleep, to pray release and favor over her for her job interviews tomorrow! Before, I wouldn’t have been running anywhere! Jesus is awesome!