Angels in the office

A lady came into my office and was complaining about a really bad headache that she had for the last three days. I offered to pray for her and after the prayer she felt the pain lift somewhat. She was a little freaked about by it and I encouraged her that it was just a God who loves her touching her head. I told her if the pain came back to come see me and we would pray through it again. I ended up praying for her two more times throughout the day and on the third time she called me 5 minutes later absolutely stunned that the headache had completely gone away. Shortly after I had received her phone call, my brother and I were talking in my office, which is on the second floor, and we both heard a knock coming from the window. I instantly knew an angel had arrived and was in my office. The entire atmosphere at work shifted and was filled with Peace and Joy. Praise God for lavishing such great love on us!