Allergy Symptoms Leave

Jesus is so powerful!! I swam in a lake after church yesterday and since then I have been experiencing allergy-like symptoms, stuffy and runny nose, burning eyes, and sore throat. All day I have been sleepy because my eyes have been burning so much. I called up my Focus Group leader, Deanne, and asked her to pray for me. As she was praying I felt my nose clear up, and was able to breathe without any pain or burning in the back of my throat. She kept praying and I felt the presence of God come and just push away darkness that was coming against my body. By the end of her prayer she asked me how I was doing and I was 100% healed! I had no more burning in my eyes or throat and my nose was completely cleared up and able to breath like normal! Jesus is so powerful! He is mighty and He triumphs over sickness any day!!