Allergies Alliviated

GOD IS SO COOL! Today I was at Stark State and this girl started talking to me about her horrible allergies which have been bothering her for the past 3 days. I was so excited I could hardly wait to ask her if I could pray for her! I asked her if I could pray and she was reluctant to say yes, she said shes tried everything else under the sun. So I prayed and commanded the sickness to leave and then I asked her how she felt and she breathed in and with a face full of surprise she said she could breathe again! I was so excited and told her how AWESOME God is and she was so amazed that it actually worked and that she felt better! It was SO cool! I got to tell her about how God loves to heal us and touch our bodies and that God is just so cool! I also then invited her to come to The Edge and she said she definitely wants to come. Hoo-ray! Jesus is so GREAT! Do it AGAIN!