Ankle Pain Alleviated

I was walking out of class today and there was a girl in crutches walking to her car. I was walking to my car also so we walked together and talked and I asked her why she was on crutches. She told me she slipped at work and almost broke her foot. I told her a cool testimony of God healing a boy who couldn’t walk in Africa and she was amazed, which opened a door to pray for her ankle. I prayed and then asked her to do something she couldn’t do before. At first she was timid because it had been very painful, but I encouraged her to just try doing something small. She twisted her foot to the side. I asked her, “could you do that before?” She said no she couldn’t and that it was too painful to even move her foot before! The guy who was with us was just staring at her ankle. I could tell he was really interested. I kept encouraging her to move her ankle and telling her how powerful God is. She was able to stand and move it better than before and the pain decreased! It was so powerful!! And there were others around who got to hear the testimony of the boy being healed in Africa! I LOVE testifying and praying for people! Isn’t God great?!