Sunday Morning Church in Rajahmundry

Walking down the narrow alley toward the city church, our team was greeted with the sound of lively Indian worship pouring out on to the street.  As we greeted the congregation, many of our team members received words and pictures from the Lord to encourage the church.  Pastor Bill shared a clear and powerful message, declaring that we are citizens of Heaven and that the Kingdom of God is at hand. As citizens of Heaven, we are called to release God’s Kingdom here on earth. Following the preaching of the Word, Pastor Bill and Sumati, Pastor Prabaka’s wife, sang an anointed duet in the local language of Telegu.  One could feel the presence of the Lord falling over the people as the song was sung.

At the end of service, an elderly lady with only one eye came forward because she was suffering from blurry vision in her “good” eye.  As Pastor Mary Pat prayed for her, the fire of God overwhelmed her and she fell to the ground.  Eventually, she sat up and testified that her blurry vision was now clear!  Thank You, Lord Jesus!