Sunday, July 2 – San Marcus Church – Mabalane

Andy, Spencer, Joquebedi, Ashley, and Haley visited San Marcus Church together. This church loves to worship! The time of worship with Americans, Brazilians, and Mozambiquans all together was so precious. Andy spoke to the people about listening to the voice of God. He then led them into a powerful time of “soaking” in God’s presence, where the Lord moved several to tears. Joquebedi played and sang glorious music that brought the presence of God into the building. The Lord granted the team members with words of knowledge that encouraged the people. Spencer heard that a man was present who was carrying grief from a wife who had passed away. A man who this applied to came forward and Spencer prayed with him to release the grief. At the end, the team enjoyed communion with the group, partaking of some crackers and Coca-Cola. Though unconventional, it was a reminder of how sweet it is to commune with our Savior and to thank Him for all He has done for us!