Sunday Evening Church – Prophetic Release Over the Children

Later on Sunday evening, our team traveled to the outskirts of Rajahmundry to Pastor Presant Kumar’s small church.  Pastor Kumar is the youngest of the three brothers the Lord connected us with here in Rajahmundry.  While preaching, Pastor Mary Pat felt the Lord say He was raising up this little church to impact the community around them, especially through the children.

The pastors and the team began ministering prophetic words over the congregation.  Pastor Mary Pat spoke a prophetic word over a woman sitting at the back of the church.  She saw this woman dressed as a nurse, and felt that the Lord had given her great compassion, and she would pray for many to receive healing.  Andy prophesied over Rosie, Pastor Presant’s wife, that the Lord sees her kind heart and can use her to reach out with compassion to Hindu women, and many would give their hearts to Jesus as a result.  Another woman began to cry as Troy shared how the Lord saw her as a strong, beautiful, valuable diamond that would reflect the light and love of Jesus to all around her.   Michelle spoke a word over another woman, whom she saw driving a large semi truck filled with cargo from the Kingdom in the back, encouraging her that the Lord wanted to deliver many gifts from Heaven to hurting people through this woman.

The Lord showed Mark a tree with an extensive root system that made it unshakeable.  As the tree grew, more seeds were planted and new saplings grew up from the ground.  He encouraged the congregation that they are just like the tree and are called to be strong and raise up new fruit from their faith in Jesus.  Theresa spoke a word over a young girl that she was the Lord’s delight and His sunshine.  Christy spoke over another girl that the Lord had given her a mother’s heart, and that she would bring comfort to many.  Pastor Bill saw many doves flying into the church, representing the Holy Spirit.  The team stayed late into the night until almost everyone at the service had received a special prophetic word from the Lord’s heart.  It was a powerful time of intimate fellowship, and many were encouraged.