Saturday Evening, July 1 – Combomune

The crusade left everyone amazed and in awe of what God accomplished. Those that had received Jesus the night before joined in prayer with those that were responding for the first time, totaling 1100 people! This was by far the largest crowd we have ever seen in Mozambique. Words cannot express what it felt like to see and hear so many people crying out to proclaim Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The Lord did not stop there. Several people were touched by God’s healing hands. Pastor Mary Pat asked if anyone in the crowd had eye or ear problems. A woman came forward who said it had been painful to open her eyes and difficult to see for 2 years. She received prayer, and testified that all of the pain was gone and she could see clearly! A young boy said he constantly saw white spots, and after prayer the spots were gone. Someone had pain in their ear that left completely, and another boy could not hear out of his left ear. Pastor Mary Pat commanded deafness to leave in Jesus’ name. She then covered his right ear and spoke quietly into his left, and he said he could hear! A woman with chest and heart pain and her daughter with leg pain also came up, and were both healed. It was a miraculous and glorious night!