Salvation, Worship, and Healing in the Bush

On Tuesday, we traveled to Koko, which was not too far from Maxixe. We arrived and got ready for a crusade. The Jesus film was projected on the big screen and 65 people received Jesus when Joquebedi, Tania, and Andy led a salvation call! There were at least 25 healings, including stomach aches, knee pain, and back pain. Eighteen people also came up to renounce witchcraft or receive prayer for nightmares dreams. After all the salvations, healings, and deliverance, Jaimie led the crowd in singing out “Te Adoraré.” Though the style of worship is not what they are accustomed to, the Mozambicans began to sing out in a beautiful expression of worship to the Lord, and God’s presence was felt strongly. What a wonderful day! Thank You, Jesus!