Salvation and Freedom from Witchcraft

• While out in SEALS groups, Mike & Darlene’s SEAL shared the Gospel with Josemida. Josemida said she did not have peace in her heart. After receiving Jesus she had peace in her heart. The SEAL also prayed for her husband and family.
• Adieus, the son-in-law of Cecelia (see June 18), came to the church in Heliopolis for ministry. He had also been involved in witchcraft, animal sacrifices, and making covenants with evil spirits for protection. He used to be involved in a gang named the Sons of the Saints and was formerly involved in drug trafficking. After a lengthy, clear explanation of the Gospel, he gave his life to Christ! He renounced his former involvement with the devil and demons and we are having him come back for further deliverance and prayer. Please pray for him.