Our Last Crusade for 2013 – Outpouring of Holy Spirit for Salvation, Healing, and Joy!

There are few things more beautiful than palm tree silhouettes etched into the African horizon at dusk. This was the backdrop as we drove into Mafuiane for what would become our last 2013 Mozambique crusade. As a call went out for all people within earshot to join us, we could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit descend upon the small plot of church land in the middle of a corn field. As the Gospel was given, people were being healed and delivered. Joy turned into song and dance. The villagers did not want to leave even after we wished them a good night. We began to teach them of the Holy Spirit and how to drink of His presence. The village pastor joined our team in joy and laughter and helped lead a fire tunnel. Our team laid hands on each villager as they walked through the tunnel. One man was healed of hip and throat pain and could freely dance and laugh with no pain! The pastor told us that he will continue to drink of the Holy Spirit every Sunday with the rest of the village.