Muslim boy makes decision for Jesus

As I was leaving the crusade site after the second night, a young girl brought her brother up to me and explained that he wanted to accept Christ as his savior but stated he was too shy to come up during the invitation.  I offered to walk with him a bit and I explained God’s love for Him, how Jesus died on the cross.  He stated that he understood so I led him in a salvation prayer in which he accepted Christ.  His family was Muslim and he understood that following Christ meant that he could no longer follow Islam.  He was willing to do that in order to be a follower of Christ.  He said he had a Bible and I encouraged him to begin reading the New Testament.  I prayed with him that God would make him a mighty warrior for Christ in the Sawla area villages.  It was really cool how God did that just before I was going to get into the bus to leave.