More Salvation, More Healing, More Lord!

Returning to Mazavanini for a second night of outreach, our team started off with a dance competition. Adults and children stepped out and danced with our team and received prizes during the dance competition. Next, our team demonstrated our need for freedom and salvation through a drama called “Released”. Afterwards, Justin preached the Gospel, sharing how good it is to have our sin removed and eternal life with Jesus. It was fun to watch as some new people had come that were not here the previous night and eleven more people came forward to receive Jesus!

Throughout the evening, each team member preached from the microphone the goodness of God and led out in healing prayer, deliverance, or calls for salvation. Many people were healed. Praise God! An older man with a cane came up for prayer. Lawrence, Justin, and Denny prayed for him and his knees were healed. He marched back and forth across the front with Pastor José with no cane and no trouble! Another woman came up with a very bad limp due to a hip problem. The team prayed for her and her hip was completely healed! After the crusade, she was so excited that she danced with absolutely no problem and even helped the team pack up by pushing the generator back to our bus before we even had the chance to stop her! As you go throughout your day today, remember the words of this well-known song: “Our God is so big, so strong and so mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do for you, and you, and you!”