Monday Night at City of God

Inês called the presence of the Lord in prayer and Jo began to lead in worship. The HS had something very special for this night.

The Lord opened the beautiful hearts of all the children (and the adults that attended). As the anointing increased during PMP´s impartation on falling in love with Jesus, and most deeply connected with the Lord in a new way.

There were times where you could hear a pin drop as Jesus revealed His extraordinary love to each one individually. Some were moved to tears. His tenderness, compassion and grace were received at the core level. It touched my heart so deeply; I felt one with them and Jesus, it was the most special time because HS made Himself so known to each individual heart. The young men who received so powerfully at Casa de Jesus on Sunday morning came ready to receive and were serious examples for the children. Trust and love for Jesus radically increased during this night of great transformation. Many are beginning to really fall in love with Him.

Enjoy the video that PD took and a few pictures

Love and miss you all. Special love to my sweetheart!