Many Renouce Witchcraft and Receive Jesus as Lord!

We awoke early this morning to the sound of roosters calling, children laughing, and music blaring –all right outside our tents. Life in Africa is always a party! We spent the day in the village and got to spend some time with the children there. We taught them “Galinha, Galinha, Cabrito” (“Hen, Hen, Goat” aka “Duck, Duck, Goose”) and then sang “Minha Grande Luz” (“This BIG Light of Mine”) with them. They loved it, and we had just as much fun as they did!

This evening we traveled to a nearby site for crusade and had the biggest crowd yet on this trip. As eager hearts answered the invitation Pastor Mary Pat gave for salvation, 250 people came forward and declared Jesus as Lord! God continued to bring freedom and 40 people prayed to renounce past connections with witchcraft. An abundance of healings followed, including one 11 year-old girl who had eye pain and trouble seeing clearly for 4 years. After prayer, all pain was gone and her vision was completely restored! It was an incredible ending to a great day.