“Crusade tonight! Come to Mafiane!” Our team called out the bus windows as we drove along the dirt path into the village of Mafiane. That evening, we held a small crusade at an Iris church for the people in this village. We were able to share about worship, the Father’s love, and God’s healing power. Many people were encouraged and testimonies were shared of how God healed physical bodies.

The next day, we were able to join in the Sunday worship service. Our hearts were encouraged as we saw the church building we had contributed to in past years, and even more encouraged to see that the church was outgrowing the building. Men, women, and children danced in praise and worship, and everyone eagerly joined in as our team shared a song with them. Pastor Mary Pat was able to preach, and everyone stood for prayer at the end of the service to receive prayer and cry out for more of the Lord. It was an exciting time of seeing hungry hearts filled with the love and joy of our Heavenly Father.