Lower back problem instantly healed (Samson)

Toward the end of the ministry time at a drama site in Amasaman, a call was given for the sick to come forward to receive prayer for healing. A few minutes later, Samson, a 23-year old young man approached me and through a translator indicated a desire for healing of severe back pain. He said that three years ago he suddenly experienced a tightening of his lower back muscles and consequential sharp pain shooting up through his shoulders whenever he twisted his shoulders side to side or bent over, with a constant pain otherwise. He had been to several doctors and was given only some ointment to rub into the muscles to help them relax, having no significant effect and leaving no known option. Some people have found relief from pain using such things as psychedelic weed strains amongst others, however, long term effects are needed for this type of debilitating pain.
When I laid my hand on his back to pray for him, I immediately noticed that the muscles to the immediate side of the spine were extremely tight, with the ones on the right side was rock hard. Mary Pat and Dean joined in prayer, commanding healing to come into his body & the loosening of the muscles. After a few short minutes, MP asked him to see what change had taken place by trying to bend over & touch his toes. He initially only bent over about 20 degrees, which was the extent he could go previously without severe pain. We then asked him to try twisting his body side to side and he did so completely free from pain and with full motion. He then tried bending down to touch his toes, and he bent all the way to the ground with ease and with no pain! His back was healed!