“Kingdom Invasion” Conference — Session 4 — “Freedom in the Glory”

With the momentum and progression of the conference thus far, it was
easy to expect the Lord to blow everyone away during the last session
entitled “Freedom in the Glory.”  We began with Troy and Michelle
sharing more testimonies of healings and deliverances from previous
sessions to increase the faith level in the room.  Pastor Mary Pat
shared a power-packed message on living and moving as supernatural
beings, being completely free in the presence of God.  Pastor Bill
then got up to speak, declaring it was “a new day” where we must
recognize God’s desire for us to partner with Him, rather than being
merely servants.

Pastor Mary Pat gave powerful a salvation call.  A number of people
stood up and prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts – including one
special Muslim woman, who came from an all-Muslim family.  This woman
sat in a wheelchair, front and center.  When the Gospel
was preached, she was one of the first to raise her hands to receive
Jesus!  Later, after receiving prayer for healing, she stood up out of
her wheelchair and began taking small steps with assistance.  A bit
later, she was walking up and down the center aisle, receiving
applause from many in the crowd.  She testified that she felt power
surge through her body, and that she knew it was Jesus who was healing
her.  She said she no longer wanted to use her wheelchair, but wanted
to walk out her healing – literally.  Praise the Lord!

After the salvation call, Pastor Mary Pat then called forward anyone who wanted more of the glory of God. His presence swept through theroom so strongly, nearly everyone who had hands laid on them went down
under the power.  Many were weeping and shaking as the glory of God filled the room.  There was a powerful prophetic release and many received prophetic words over their lives.  There was also an alter
call for anyone who felt a call to evangelism.  Scores of people, young and old, flocked to the front, visibly moved by Holy Spirit to reach out to the lost.  Unable to read clearly due to cataracts, one lady went down under the power of God.  When she got up, someone pulled up the Bible on their ipad and offered for her to read it after then made the font SMALLER.  The woman read the Bible passage and testified to receiving her healing from Jesus!  Yay God!  For two years, one man had suffered with a painful cyst/growth on his side.  After prayer, he gave glory to God as all the pain had disappeared.  We are so thankful for all that God accomplished over the course of the “Kingdom Invasion” conference!  To God be the Glory!!