Kate walks again

In 2001, we prayed for Kate, a woman in her 30’s who has been unable to walk unassisted all her life and stopped walking entirely in her teenage years. She was brought to us during a crusade meeting and, after receiving much prayer, stood up and walked. She again demonstrated her new ability the next day at church, and we encouraged her to continue believing to receive a complete healing of her muscles. Since that time, she for some unknown reason did not further pursue her complete healing, so she returned to a non-walking state.

At the close of our ministry time in Amasaman, a young boy approached us asking for us to pray for his auntie. We were excited to discover that they were talking about Kate & we were anxious to see what God would do this time since the healing anointing was strong at that moment. The two boys led us through the village to her house, finding her sitting on a small bench against a wall. We spoke to her about God’s desire and ability to bring healing to her & asked if she wanted to receive more prayer. With a “yes” response, we began calling life into her legs and prayed for healing so she could have the strength and coordination to walk again.

Kate said she could feel tingling in her legs and a new warmth coming in. With some help to stand up, she started walking along the wall, with only one hand touching it for stability! This was a new thing for her, as she had not stood up and been able to walk since the last time we had seen her. Thank you, Lord, for Your continued touch!