Joy of the Lord Erupts, Salvation and Healing Released

After the morning service in Cocomissava, we loaded the bus and traveled to Ntlamwana, a village of soft white sand studded with beautiful palm and cashew trees. It was so remote, our team had to rent a pick-up truck to get to it because our bus could not make it through the deep sandy roads. We were told we would not be doing a crusade so we set-up our tents and started to prepare dinner over a crackling campfire. We sat down to a shared feast with a group of local villagers that had gathered around the fire and Andrew broke out his guitar. Worship was enjoyed by all, as we taught our friends English songs about the joy of the Lord and His joy filled missionary and Mozambican alike. Pastor Mary Pat started to tell the people about the source of true joy, Jesus, and soon everyone gathered was praying to receive Him as Lord and Savior. After the prayer, Andy was going to pray for healing, but Pastor Mary Pat asked if anyone had already been healed. Everyone that came with pain and sickness that night testified that it had already left their bodies during worship or while they were praying to invite Jesus into their hearts. It was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before – everyone was healed before anyone even prayed for healing! That is the power of God’s presence! We all celebrated with more song and dance before saying goodnight to our new friends, excited to see what God will do tomorrow night.