Jesus revealed midst simplicity

Following our Kingdom Bible School on Wednesday, our team drove to a very small town square that consisted of no more than a tree, a well pump and a few wooden benches.  We quickly called the villagers to come by, crying out, “wa-dien,” which means,  “come, drama!”  Sixty or seventy came despite the rain.  The peoples’ hearts were so open to the Gospel of the Kingdom.  They responded quickly to salvation, healing, and deliverance.  My heart was developing a deeper desire to step aside and allow the person Jesus to be seen.  And He was.  As a result my heart felt JOY I had never experienced in this type of a setting.  As we wrapped up our time, the sun had set, the stars were bright.  Almost all who had come responded to Jesus.  The love and affection they poured out over us so touched my heart.  I have never seen such deep appreciation from a people such as this.  Jesus came to their village and they saw Him.