Inhambane: Set free and delivered!

Our last village that we ministered to before the end of the trip was so significant for us all, as there was such a downpour of God’s furious love invading the people. We held a crusade two nights in a row; each had the mark of Heaven.

During our first night, we shared dramas and dances as we normally do.  After the dances and dramas, several team members partnered together in sharing the Gospel, as well as praying for the sick.  Though the crowd was small, many got saved and healed!

Our next evening was a step up from the night before!  Our team members had the opportunity to invite a lot of people during the day, and many more people came that evening.  The team had such a holy expectation for all to come to Jesus, and for His presence to bring a clean sweep through the village.  He did that and so much more!  Every person prayed to receive Jesus, and several were healed of back pains and chest pains.  Also, ten people came to the front to completely repent of their involvement in witchcraft!  This was such a huge blessing to witness and be a part of.  God drew each person and they were delivered from the enemy’s camp! We praise you Jesus for Your magnificent and unending love!