Holy Spirit Outpouring – Dunamis Power

That evening, the team headed to another church, Associacao Crista Diadema to minister at a church service there, where their beloved pastor had recently passed away.  After a powerful time of worship, Pastor Mary Pat preached on Isaiah 66 and how to keep our eyes on the Lord despite going through difficult times.  Pastor Bill then preached about the absolutes that “God is Good” and “The Enemy is Done”. God’s power is much much bigger than the enemy’s. – it is Dunamis power!

The entire church joined in as Pastor Bill led them in declaring through song that the Enemy is Done. Then, Pastor Mary Pat gave an altar call about how the Lord wanted to empower all the people, and all came forward to receive fresh fire.  As the team prayed over individuals, many were touched by the Holy Spirit, and there was salvation, healing, and deliverance. The Lord truly is good.