Holy Spirit Fire, Jesus Shows Up, Barren Couple With Child!

It was such a treat to go back to a location in the city of Rajahmundry where we had  prayed in a circle in 2011 for a church building project that had been stalled because of various sources of opposition and a lack of funding. There is a beautiful church building there now with a faithful congregation of believers led by Pastor Prabaka, brother of Pastor Deva, (who often translated for me during this trip to Rajahmundry). This night he gave credit for Frontline coming in to support in prayer at the time it was desperately needed and God graciously answering when it seemed doubtful that the project would be completed. It was time for celebration!

After some spirited worship, testimonies, and special songs, I shared a message I hadn’t shared in India before in the way it was expressed on this night. I entitled it, “God’s Plan for the Rest of Your Life,” about how those who are after the Father’s heart are always on God’s Plan A because He can weave all of the victories, the trials, the tragedies, the good, the bad, and the ugly into His destiny for our lives, if we press into His presence and never give up. 

I shared testimonies from my own life how I was brought to salvation, how I grew in Jesus in the early years, how He gave me a vision to evangelize as I grew, how God led me in marrying Mary Pat after the trial of an unwanted divorce, how I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, etc. These spiritual milestones illustrated how the Father was leading me in His Plan A. The people seemed to fully receive the encouragement inherent in the Spirit’s words of life given through me.

After I shared, I gave a call for baptism in the Holy Spirit and a few responded to that call including Pastor Prabaka’s wife, Sumati, who then gave a powerful testimony of Jesus coming to her personally as a bright light and releasing her prayer language, which she had been seeking for a long time. I learned later that my sharing about this being an “easy receiving” process because of the baptism being a beautiful love gift of the Father was a new teaching to them. They had previously had many teachers come in who left the impression that it took intense seeking and contending to receive what God intended as a gift freely offered.

At the end, many came forward for healing along with some couples wanting children. One couple even shared that someone from Frontline (they gave me the credit, but I don’t usually speak those type of prophecies) had prophesied that they would have a male child when we visited in 2011, and there he was in front of me. Now they wanted another son. Since the ministry time ran very late, we were unable to hear about the progress of God’s healing released to people.