Healing outbreak!! – 2010 India Trip

Entering into the pastor’s house, we were warmly greeted by the people crowded inside the room. Pastor Bill encouraged the church by sharing about his healing from malaria and the song that the Lord had given him during his battle. The name of the song is “The Enemy is Done.” ┬áThe song contrasts the mighty power of Jesus with the insignificant power of the enemy, declaring that the enemy and all his attacks are finished.

As our team presented a worship dance, the Holy Spirit fell over the congregation and He began healing those present even before a healing prayer was offered! This led into a powerful time of healing as Andy and Troy prophetically prayed over those still having sickness and pain. Three women had their knees healed, one woman’s stomach pains left, another woman’s chest pain disappeared as Troy saw a golden mist come down and surround them. Andy saw a healing angel standing behind a man with back pain and his pain instantly vanished. By a word of knowledge, Troy prayed that the blockage in a young man’s ear would be removed so that he would no longer suffer from periodic deafness. Seeing water being poured down from Heaven over a lady with knee pain, Andy declared that she was healed both of the pain in her knee and also the emotional pain in her heart. Then, Pastor Mary Pat prayed for two children who were deaf and mute and they were healed (read the rest of their story in the next post)!