God’s Desire is to Heal!

While Pastor Mary Pat and Michelle ministered earlier in the morning at another church, Pastor Bill and Troy went to an Assemblies of God fellowship here in Jakarta.

Pastor Bill began by teaching as he played the guitar and sang over the church. He asked two questions: Who is Jesus? What is His heart? The Father’s love poured out over the congregation as Pastor Bill shared fresh insight on the importance of knowing the heart of Jesus which allows us to approach Him in faith. As he called people to draw near to their good Father, people flocked to the front.

Pastor Mary Pat and Michelle arrived after their service, and jumped right in. Moved by Holy Spirit, Pastor Mary Pat called out words of knowledge for various illnesses and diseases, and people raised their hands to receive healing and freedom.

One word of knowledge dealt with healing for a right leg problem.  As that man laid hands on his own leg, the pain disappeared!  Others received prayer for heart problems, while still others joined in the call to pray to be filled with more of Holy Spirit.

One woman testified about receiving a vision from the Lord while being prayed for.  Others were weeping, or shaking, and some fell out in the Spirit as Pastor Bill, Pastor Mary Pat, Michelle, and Troy prayed for them.  The presence of God was so strong.

After the service, one gentleman came forward for healing prayer.  He only had 30% vision in his left eye and was totally blind in his right eye.  He also had heart problems with clogged arteries.  When he initially came forward for prayer, he testified that he felt power in his body and believed God was healing his heart problems.  However, he lingered after the service was over and admitted to us that he did not believe God wanted to heal his eyes.

As Pastor Mary Pat shared the Father’s heart with him, that God loves him and wants to heal ALL his diseases, he began to ask the Lord to touch him.  After the prayer, he testified that his vision was strengthened as he could now see Pastor Mary Pat’s face and eyes even from 30 feet away (he had been unable to do this before).  Praise the Lord!