General Update

Our team is enjoying the Mozambican countryside, the local people, and spending time with Pastor Jose! We appreciated the time we could spend showing love to the children at Zimpeto (see update). Several of us have special relationships with a few children that we have connected with each year since 2003. They are all growing up so fast!

We left the center on Thursday, and drove through the night to arrive at Iris’ children’s center in Dondo at dinner time the next evening. During the drive, we took our first communion together as a team, a spiritual discipline we feel the Lord has called us to partake of each day of the trip. We have been blessed with the ability to meet together to take communion and seek the Lord before we start each day. Every team member will have the opportunity to lead the communion time.

Since we have been at Dondo, we ministered with Pastor Jose at a conference in Beira and at the church service at the center (see updates). On Monday morning our communion time turned into a two hour prayer time. The Lord was raising our awareness that this is a new day in the Spirit, and we prayed over Pastor Jose and the nation of Mozambique.

We were asked to speak to the Bible school students during their Monday afternoon session. All the students gathered from the first, second, and third year classes. We performed Torn Between Two Worlds, Mike McRae led the students in worship, and Pastor Mary Pat spoke on the freedom we have in Christ and living the abundant life. She also spoke on being crucified with Christ (Gal. 2:20). According to some leaders from the Bible school, a resurrection took place in hearts as described in Ezekiel 37 when dry bones came to life. There was an outbreak of the Holy Spirit and a revival in the hearts of the Bible school students.

At the end of the class, an eleven year old deaf boy came to receive prayer. He lives at the center in Dondo, and his mother died years ago. After praying, he was able to hear loud sounds. He was then able to hear, “Jesus loves you,” and he responded by saying, “Yes, I know He loves me.” What a joy to see Jesus demonstrate His love and power to the students and children at the center in Dondo!