Friday, June 23 – Chihango

While preparing for our visit to Chihango Friday night, Brenda heard a strong word from the Lord that eyes and stomach pain would be healed.  The Lord’s word did not return void! After a healing prayer, a lady testified of eye pain leaving, while two women and a young man were all healed from pain in their stomachs.  Several of the ladies prayed with and encouraged a woman who had suffered a miscarriage, and guided her in making declarations for her continued physical and emotional healing.  Our dear team member Carly Maddocks broke barriers with her impassioned presentation of the Gospel, leading 15 men, women, and children in prayer for salvation. Gloria a Deus! Haley and Rachel led the people into drinking more of Holy Spirit’s goodness. When you are sad, just laugh with the Lord. Hahaha. It works!