FMI Land in Ghana!

Michelle Oliver and Mike Wheeler returned to Ghana this June to facilitate the legal needs of Frontline and its investment in the development of the land in Sawla.  Michelle is an attorney in Cleveland and Mike is in law school in Akron.  Frontline was given a 29-acre tract of land in Ghana’s Northern Region to develop as a gift from the former-Muslim-chief of Sawla four years ago.  At that time, God gave the leaders of Frontline a vision for the development to include a worship center, school, medical clinic, agricultural sustainable development initiative, and children’s home.  We believe this center will become a hub in the Sawla region for the people here to receive both physical and spiritual nourishment.  Frontline has already been connected with a top-notch architect and a contractor who have drawn and mapped out blueprints for the center’s various buildings, and we continue to prayerfully move forward with the execution of the building project.
Michelle and Mike are working with our Ghanaian Lawyer, Dr. Yeboa Amoa, to finalize the land and building agreements.  Further, they are extensively networking to develop relationships with business and legal contact in Ghana, since we know the connection between Frontline and Ghana is for the long term.  The Lord even opened up an opportunity for them to meet a Justice on the Ghanaian Supreme Court.  In the northern region, they have been working with various regional authorities, land ministers, surveyors, and other integral players in order to finalize Frontline’s title ownership under our NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) status.  May God continue to receive all the glory and honor as this incredible project moves forward.  Land once owned by a Muslim chief is now being used to transform a region through the powerful name of Jesus Christ.