Fire of God bringing healing, salvations amidst great darkness

We ministered in a village called Nyange, where our team had not been since 2004.  It is home to Belari, a “JuJu” man who had power over most people in the village & who was known throughout Ghana for his witchcraft.  After we did some dramas, Pastor Mary Pat was preaching very powerfully and almost everyone watching and hearing came forward to give their lives to Jesus.  As this was transpiring, the Lord opened up my eyes in the spirit and I saw fire from Heaven all around– it was swirling and burning hot!  As I looked, the fire was burning off chains that were attached to the people in the village.  The fire was changing their hearts and setting them free.  As prayer for healing was being released I could feel the Holy Spirit moving over the people in healing waves.  Many people came forward to testify of being healed of back, waist, and leg pain!  Praise God.