• China, Japan (Summer 2005) – Based on our leadership trip to China in 2004, God directed FMI to take a team of 9 to China to work with Revival Chinese Ministries International in transporting Bibles to the unreached in mainland China, sharing Christ with the lost, and encouraging small groups of Christians in outlying areas. In addition, we established a contact in Tokyo, Japan, through an unexpected contact in Brazil, who asked us to be a part of reaching the youth of Japan in a radical way. We know that this is only one step in a powerful process of taking the Gospel to all nations.
  • China, Japan (Summer 2006) – A team of 8 people from FMI went to China once again for just over three weeks. We traveled by train to Kuming, a city of about four million people in western China. We did a lot of prayer walking around the city and surrounding villages declaring the promises of God over the land. In addition, we had an opportunity to teach English to a group of children who are a part of the poorest of poor. We are trusting that they were impacted by the love of Christ. From China, we went to Kawasaki City, just outside of Tokyo. We loved reconnecting with the people of Japan.