Deaf Hearing, Demonized Set Free, Sickness Leaving

After a stirring time of worship, Pastor Bill preached on the goodness of the Father using the account of Peter walking on water as a launching pad. Following that, Pastor Bill felt led to pray over the body corporately for a release of physical healing and demonic deliverance.

As we continued to pray individually for the people present, a woman came forward to receive prayer for her left ear. She had been losing her hearing for several years in that ear, but in the past 4 months her hearing was gone. After Pastor Rohit and Troy prayed for her, her ear opened up!  She was able to hear again! Another man came forward for his hardness of hearing for the last 28 years. After prayer, he was able to hear Pastor Rohit from 10 feet away with loud worship taking place! He was so thankful to The Lord.

Another man came forward asking for prayer for deliverance from demons. After receiving salvation, he declared that Jesus was Lord of His life and that He was free in Jesus. Immediately, he said that he felt suddenly lighter as Jesus set him free. It was such a good night in Jesus. May you receive His perfect love, peace, joy, and healing as you read this update!