Day 2 in Malhazini: A new day on the horizon, and fresh vision!

Our team got up early the next day to return to Malhazini for the second day of the conference, and the Lord moved even more powerfully than the night before!  Pastor Mary Pat preached and taught on the love of God, and that as we freely receive this love, than we are called to freely give that love.  Many cries and roars of clapping hands and shouts were expressed through the meeting as hearts were being stirred up.  We had a time of ministering to and praying with the pastors and leaders up at the altar following the message, and countless lives were changed and touched as some people wept and others erupted in laughter as the Holy Spirit moved on every hungry heart!

One young boy was completely and totally healed of not being able to walk at all.  He was suffering from stomach pains and weakness in his body for two weeks, while eating very little and getting worse as the days went by.  His father and mother woke up the morning of the second day of the conference, and heard their son collapse to the floor, as he had no feeling in his legs and was unable to move them.  The father wanted to take him to the hospital, but the mother who had attended the night before, felt the power of God so strongly that she was sure her sick son would be healed at the meeting if they came.  Sure enough, after having to carry their son out of the house, to the car, and out and into the church once they arrived, they brought him to the front and moments later after one of our team members prayed for him he was walking around the entire church, bending his legs, jumping up and down, and squatting! Be magnified oh Lord!