Day 1 in Malhazini: Resurrection Life and Power!

The team had the awesome privilege of travelling to a conference in a nearby town called Malhazini, to minister to pastors and leaders from several different churches in and surrounding Maputo (the capital of Mozambique). Pastor Mary Pat began to preach and spoke about the healing power of our mighty God and that Jesus is the “Resurrection and the Life”.  She asked if there was anyone in the meeting who was sick, and there were a number of people who raised their hands and were touched by the Lord. Two people were called out by Pastor Mary Pat by word of knowledge, and were both healed!  The ministry during this night was absolutely unforgettable, as we witnessed God move so powerfully. Our team was so undone by what we saw happen next!  A pregnant woman came to the front to receive prayer, and had said that she had not felt the child in her womb move for two months (as she had been pregnant for a while at this point).  Pastor Mary Pat laid hands on her stomach, and soon after, the woman began to cry and Pastor Mary Pat felt her stomach move at the same time!  The woman testified that she had felt the same thing as well.  With tears in our eyes, we celebrated together and glorified our resurrected Savior for reviving this unborn child!