David vs. Goliath

Never have you seen a more comical, yet effective presentation of the account of David versus Goliath! It was certainly a one-of-a-kind presentation with a wig-wearing, crutch-toting Goliath and a shaggy dog playing the part of the sheep saved from the lion and the bear. Several of the children joined this motley cast as our team performed the first-ever puppet and human dramatization of this biblical account.

All joking aside, the drama really helped the children begin to identify and verbalize some of the Goliaths in their lives. Various Goliaths were identified, but none could compare to the greatness of the Father. The children, as sons and daughters of the Father, were reassured that they need not fear the future, the enemy, bad dreams, or anything else because His perfect love would remove all their fears. As we prayed with the children to remove strongholds of fear, we believe that God performed a special miracle in their hearts. We also prayed that the heart of courage and worship which was in David would be released into these future world changers.