Church Plant in Bilene

We arrived in the quiet village of Bilene and began to prepare for our last crusade in Mozambique for the summer. As we set up our sound system and lights, our Mozambican friend Jimmy began to play on the keyboard to bring in people from the village and draw them into praise and worship.

After enjoying the praise songs and dancing, we presented a message of God’s love to the people, woven throughout dramas, preaching, and prayers. When Andy presented the Gospel message, many hands shot up throughout the crowd indicating a desire to give their lives to Jesus.

After praying with the crowd for salvation, we told them about God’s desire to heal their physical bodies. We prayed with many of the people in the crowd that indicated they had pain or sickness. One man, after receiving prayer, gave someone his cane to hold and began to run back and forth in front of the crowd and jumped up and down! His face lit up with joy and we were excited to see how God was healing this man.

It was such a privilege to host a crusade in Bilene, as we were able to partner with Iris Ministries in planting a new church in this area. FMI was able to contribute to the land and building, and we look forward with great anticipation to see all that God will do in Bilene!