Children’s Worship Conference

On Wednesday night, Frontline launched our 2011 Children’s Worship Conference at our FMI Children’s Home in Rajahmundry.  The 22 children from our home were joined by 20 more children from Pastor Prabaka’s children’s home for a time of teaching and impartation. The purpose of this two-day conference was to give the children an opportunity to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, and in experiencing supernatural Kingdom realities through entering into worship in new and exciting ways.  The first night, Pastor Mary Pat and Pastor Bill taught on what it means to worship the Lord truly from the heart.  The children eagerly listened to the teaching on the Father’s love, and how to grow in intimacy and closeness with the Lord.  They also shared a fun drama with the team.

At the end of the night, the children participated in a freedom-in-worship activation, where they were given colorful banners and ribbons, and worshipped the Lord whole-heartedly with singing and dancing.  Many had never stepped out into this level of freedom before.

The next night, the whole team led an interactive teaching session on soaking in God’s presence, hearing the voice of God, and how worshipping our King and receiving His love expels fear out of our hearts.  This session included a puppet drama and soaking session. After the kids were finished soaking, they were invited to share about their experiences.  Some of the children had visions of the Lord, angels, and seeing the sights and colors of Heaven.  One young boy testified that he was taken to Heaven by two angels, and saw the throne room of God.  After sharing their various testimonies, the children were encouraged to offer a spontaneous song of worship from
their hearts.  It was truly amazing to witness the freedom of the Lord invading this place. Our hearts were deeply touched as we joined the children in a final time of dancing and singing to the Lord in complete freedom – some with their eyes closed, worshipping the Father truly from their hearts.  What a precious time of fellowship and impartation!