Chihango Outreach

Our team was excited as we piled in the back of a truck and bumbled down the Mozambican dirt roads towards Chihango.  We were holding an outreach for two nights in a village where one of the first Iris Ministries churches had been planted in the late 1990´s, and we were praying that God would reach His people with His awesome love and mercy.

When we arrived at our drama site, we had some technical difficulties while trying to start our generators.  Though we were unable to get them to start, we gathered the men, women, and children into the candle lit church for a time of worship and preaching.  Women and children danced in praise and worship, and we saw a great hunger in the eyes of these precious people.

After worship, Pastor Mary Pat was able to share a message of hope and life in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Fifteen people responded by surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ.  We pray that God will pour out His spirit of revival everywhere we go, and that this church would be filled with a great passion for Jesus.

We were also able to pray with many of these people for healing.  One woman testified of being healed of pain in her arm, leg, and knee.  At first, she was only able to move slowly and responded that only some of the pain had left.  When Pastor Mary Pat prayed for healing from arthritis, she received a greater degree of healing and the pain completely left her.  What a joy to see this woman´s face light up and to watch her dance with joy as she was healed by Jesus!

Pastor Alberto, who leads the church in Chihango, had been suffering from back, knee, and leg pain for two years.  After prayer, he was completely healed and demonstrated by bending down and raising his arms high.  He testified that he was unable to do this before, but that Jesus had healed him this night.

During our second night in Chihango, Jaimie was able to share the Gospel message and twenty people responded and gave their lives to Jesus.  Andy was able to pray with Rodriguez, a man who shared some personal struggles and was desiring freedom in Jesus.  After speaking with him, Rodriguez declared that he wanted to pray with Andy and give his life to Jesus.  Furthermore, two men were healed this night from stomach pains as we shared about God’s healing power.

We praise God for all He has done in Chihango and pray that He will continue to pour out His Spirit in this church and the surrounding area.  Pray that the pastor and others in this church will desire more and more from their Heavenly Father, receiving from Him and reaching others with His love.