Changing History

Friday, June 16, our team visited Ipiranga, approximately 15 minutes from the church in Heliopolis. Ipiranga is the grounds where a palace for the former emperor was built. Unfortunately, the emperor passed away before he was able to live in this mansion. It has since been turned into a museum and it is a very popular historical site for Brazilians. At the front of the grounds is a monument in memory of the battle that ensued as the emperor’s grandson declared, “Independence or Death!” It was after this in 1822 that Brazil gained it’s independence from Portugal. This transition is Brazil’s history has obviously impacted the nation in large ways.
While at Ipiranga, our team desired to pray for the nation of Brazil and for Pastor Dirceu. Pastor Dirceu felt led for our group to declare dependence on God in the same location that independence was proclaimed. We prayed, believing we were touching the spiritual foundations of Brazil, proclaiming the promises of God over the nation of Brazil. Some team members saw in the Spirit demonic strongholds being pulled down as a result of prayer and the Gospel going forth. We also prayed for Pastor Dirceu and all that God has called him to here in Brazil. As we wrote last time, God has given him extreme favor with men. He is having influence in many realms. He needs our prayers and support. We held his physical arms up during prayer symbolizing the holding up of his spiritual arms through our support and prayer.