All Day Deliverance and Healing – Freedom in the Kingdom

Although we planned to leave Maxixe on Monday afternoon, we soon discovered that God had other plans. That morning a blind man came to us for prayer, led there by his 9 year-old grandson. As Pastor Mary Pat was praying for him, he began to see light for the first time in 9 years! After more prayer, he was also able to see shapes and movement. While praying for him, his wife also joined us and we noticed that one of her eyes was mostly closed. She told us that she was also blind in that eye, and as she looked closer, Pastor Mary Pat saw that her eyeball was not fully formed. Believing for a creative miracle, she again began to pray. After some time, the woman was also able to see light, even without the development of her eyeball!

During this time, 4 other women trickled into the church for prayer. As we inquired about their prayer needs, we discovered that all of them were experiencing various forms of spiritual torment and oppression and wanted to be set free. Led by Lawrence, team members had the opportunity to minister to them one after another, and each one was so grateful for the freedom they received!

We also had the opportunity to pray for the pastor’s wife, Mama Rosa, whose one foot and leg was at least twice the size that it should have been due to elephantitis. Though we did not see an immediate change, we continued to believe for a complete turnaround! We learned that we would be spending one more night here, so we again held a crusade. One additional person that had not come the night before prayed to accept Jesus, and we ended the night with a celebratory African-worship dance party! Just as the night came to a close, Mama Rosa came to us and testified that she was able to move her toes in a way that she hadn’t been able to in 10 years! We were so excited to see the beginning of what we believe will soon be a powerful testimony of 100% healing!