Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland (June 4 through June 26)

18 missionaries (including Pastor Bill and Pastor Mary Pat) will fly to Mozambique on June 4 to serve the Lord, partnering with Rolland and Heidi Baker, Iris Ministries. The Bakers support 2 thousand children daily and have 10,000 churches in Moz and other countries. Frontline has worked with Iris since 2003 and will again share the love of Jesus throughout the country of Mozambique and also in Swaziland.

To the left a young boy testifies of being healed of deafness in his right ear during our 2008 Mozambique trip.

For a couple of years, we ministered at the main children’s center in Zimpeto (Maputo), and also traveled up to Pemba (northern headquarters of Iris), ministering there to the children, staff, Bible School students and pastors, and planting churches. In Maputo,we have ministered to the Iris staff and children, in other churches, the dump (Bocaria) and have also partnered with the Iris Revial Team in ministry and crusades.

As a sign of what witchcraft does, Pastor Mary Pat holds a large wooden chain while preaching with authority and passion during our 2008 Mozambique trip
Afterwards over 150 came forward to receive freedom from the powers of idols and witchcraft, praying to renounce their involvement and receive the protection through Jesus

We are beginning our 6th year traveling by van with our precious friend, Pastor Jose Novela, Senior Pastor of Iris (over all all the Iris pastors) planting churches, encouraging Iris churches through discipleship and evangelism, and ministering to the pastors and leaders through conferences, and also teaching in the Bible schools. Frontline will minister for the 2nd year in Swaziland, planting churches.

In 2008, the man in the far back was healed of deafness in his left ear

We have also expanded our ministry to Machava Children’s Center and Dondo, other centers of Iris. We have fed children in country villages, as well as ministered salvation, healing, and deliverance wherever the Lord would take us.

Frontline has provided funds for the Children’s centers, Iris churches (for shelter and church buildings), as well as providing for micro enterprise efforts. We currently own 5 acres to be used for future worship and evangelism. Please pray for a divine outpouring of His love and goodness during this season, on all fronts, that He would receive glory for the great things He has done. We love Your Presence, Lord!!! Join us in the future!