Our Children Rising up in their Authority in Christ

After 10 days in Rajahmundry, our time with the kids from FMI Children’s Home was coming to an end.  Our team was blessed to spend all of Friday evening with our kids.

Starting from the garden of Eden, our team taught the children about the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness.  Walking them through the fall of man and the Lord’s plan of redemption, our team was able to clearly demonstrate the Kingdoms.  They learned about the authority they have in Jesus and how power can be released through the Word of God and worship. We taught them these truths by having them act out different principles, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

After the teaching, we took the kids in and around the children’s home as they exercised their authority in Christ and commanded every work of darkness, including sickness, pests, and rodents to leave and stay out of their home.  The children gathered around Cherry, Pastor Prabaka’s son, to release healing in his feverish body.  As they prayed, Cherry’s fever left and he joined the other kids in praying for the homes.  It was stirring to see the kids take what is rightfully theirs and stand against the enemy.

Saying goodbye to the children was an emotional time for everyone.  They were sad to see us leave, and we all had thoughts of taking a few home with us.  The children are so innocent and pure, and we pray they will grow into mighty men and women of God.