Sunday, November 17, 2019 – Ghana

It was a joyful Sunday as the team joined the people of Life Christian Centre on Frontline’s land in Sawla. The team was greeted warmly through welcoming handshakes and clapping. Pastor Bill exuberantly shared about the powerful Gospel that is Jesus. This excited all who were listening. It lead into prayer for healing. Many came to testify of how Jehovah Rapha was at work. One man came to the front and as he shared, his eyes were gleaming with joy. For 2 months he had been walking with a cane because of of the pain. However, he did not use this cane to come to the front. He got the cane and threw it on the ground as he walked back and forth to emphasize that he did not need it anymore!

After the service, the team was provided the opportunity to set up the tents for the Kingdom Bible School community that was soon to come. The team set up the tents with help from a few friendly Ghanaians. There creative minds were put to the test as the last couple tents were raised, replacing broken poles with sticks. Once all 12 tents were set up, the team had a night of rest and preparation for the Kingdom Bible School that was to begin the next day.