Sunday, July 21 – Nhamatanda

Today, Pastor Bill was able to go one of the churches in Nhamatanda that was destroyed by the recent cyclone. Pastor Jacobe and Pastor Teresa are the pastors of this Partners in Harvest church. The entire church pitched in, rebuilding the church walls and reusing the damaged metal sheets on the roof. They even had to take the church’s sign off the front of the building to use it to patch a hole in the roof! Even with the Cyclone, the church was praising Jesus in true joy, dancing and singing to give thanks and praise to God.

Pastor Bill preached about how Jesus uses small things to do greater things, and how He uses small people to do great things. He also preached about the 700 names of Jesus and how He has a name for every need that we have. We prayed for every person there and are believing God for complete healing for each one of them. 

Later that day, we purchased brand new metal sheets so the church could fully repair their roof. The church was very thankful as the roof will not leak any longer. We are so thankful for everyone who made this financial blessing possible.