Ghana – Monday, November 13 – Testimonies from 2016

Our first day of Kingdom Bible School started off with a bang! To begin, Pastor Mary Pat invited testimonies from those who had attended KBS last year and had seen God move in their lives. It was so amazing to hear the testimonies! One young man was healed and no longer needed his walking stick, after using it for 3 years. One 7 year old girl was healed of sickness she had for 2 or 3 years. One woman named Ya had suffered from fibroid tumors and couldn’t get pregnant, but after we prayed last year, the tumors disappeared. She is now pregnant with a baby girl who is due in 5 days! Another woman shared that she was pregnant last year, but had complications that were so severe that she feared she would not survive to have the baby. She exclaimed that after KBS, she had no more complications, and introduced us to her precious baby girl, Mary Magdalene. Another woman had a heart condition for about 5 years, but was healed and is no longer suffering from heart problems or dizziness. A woman named Dibol was brought to KBS last year bound by chains, as she had been suffering from insanity for 6 years, and if unchained she would tear off her clothing and eat out of filthy gutters. This year, she shared with a beaming grin that she was delivered and is now able to work, take care of her son, and “do everything”! There were other testimonies of God’s healing and provision, and how people had grown in their faith and are now telling people about Jesus and serving in their church. What a testimony to the goodness of God!